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For more than 15 decades, WDI has been synonymous for innovative wire rope that sets standards. Constant striving for perfection made us one of the global leading manufacturers of High Performance Wire Rope - growth and innovation ensure we stay ahead. We meet the industry’s ever increasing demands for high quality wire rope with cost- and lifetime-optimised constructions, while providing high breakloads.

WDI’s registered wire rope brand “PYTHON” was introduced in the market in the 1960’s and today has grown into a globally recognised brand for High Performance Wire Rope. Being one of the co-inventors of High Performance Wire Rope, over the past decades we have developed a broad product range and comprehensive knowledge of ropes and applications.

We understand that today’s cranes are becoming more and more specialised and require individual solutions instead of off-the-shelf products. With this approach, WDI has been awarded OEM by numerous crane and winch manufacturers. Hence PYTHON wire rope can be found in various common, as well as highly complex lifting applications.


With four production sites in Germany, an annual output of more than 10,000 tons of PYTHON High Performance Wire Rope is generated. The formerly independent sites were integrated into the WDI group in 2004. Considering the histories of all our sites, WDI is proud to look back to 150 years of wire rope manufacturing.


Founded in 1911.

With roots in the mining industry, the headquarter of WDI ropes group is located in the city of Dortmund.



Founded in 1861.

Only 27 years after the invention of the steel wire rope, Zwickau has a tradition of more than 150 years. This factory produces wire rope mainly for the offshore industry with diameters up to 124 mm.

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Onstream since 2010.

Dortmund II is located at a water channel and well prepared for the production of heavyweight wire rope.



Having started production in 1934.

Syke is WDI’s youngest yet finest rope production site in the truest sense:
Syke is specialised on small diameter wire rope ranging from 1 to 21 mm and stainless steel wire rope.

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